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It is the Vision of Boo Boo Snap to make the process of getting and removing a Band-Aid less intimidating for children and adults alike by utilizing augmented reality, cheerful imagery, and gamification.

The Problem

No one likes to get shots, cuts, or Boo Boos. What if there was a way to be rewarded for getting a Boo Boo? When children get a shot they get a fun Band-Aid. A Disney princess, a Unicorn, or Dora the explorer. What if instead of just a colorful flat image it was a 3d image that was animated and spoke to the child. What if there was a platform that allowed children to share their Band-Aid collections with their friends or other kinds their age? When we were kids getting a snoopy or a Star Wars Band-Aid was a big deal. What if a child could use their tablet to see an epic space battle play out on over their scraped knee or Dora the explorer finding a clue and teaching them Spanish while their vaccination Boo Boo heals?

That is what Boo Snap will accomplish by using cutting edge graphics technology combined with adorable imagery!

How we will do it

First we will develop the application and perfect the AR functionality. Then we will partner with current Band-Aid companies to create a product line that has augmented reality functionality built in. Then we will seek brand partner ships with licenses holders that own properties our target customers care about. Later down the line we will develop the social media platform that will allow Boo Boo snap users to share their own collections and interactions.

Planned Features

  • Pointing a mobile device at a Band-Aid that will make a 3d image appear.
  • A loot system for the different collections of the characters. Like finding rare Pokémon the patient will be able to get rare Band-Aid characters to show off to their friends.
  • A progression system that is linked to the age of the patient. For example, you have to get a yearly flu shot. The child will create an avatar that will match their age and then progress in age as the child does. This will help with compliance. It gamifies getting annual shots, giving them an incentive to keep up with it by combining other systems.
  • Social media integration. This will create a kid friendly social media platform that will let kids share their Boo Boo Snaps with other kids.
  • Marketing opportunities: This application can be utilized to promote causes like breast cancer awareness and blood drives. For instance, if there is a blood drive on UCF main campus it can be an AR scene that progresses as more people donate blood. This can be a scene that is displayed on the side of the blood donation buss. This will create a crowd at by the blood donation buss that will help with drawing attention to the cause.
  • Having a timer that will let the person know when the Band-Aid is about to come off.
    • During that time the application will send a notification to the person or their parent that will tell them to scan the Band-Aid. When they scan it a cartoon character will come on the screen and give a status update about how long the Band-Aid has been on and when it should come off. During this update the cartoon character will prepare the child for the removal of the Band-Aid.
      • Example: “Your Band-Aid is almost ready to taken off. When you take it off it might hurt but that’s ok! We are going to do it together!
      • When it is about to come off: “Ok it’s time to take it off. Before you do it I want you to know that you helped your body heal it’s self so that deserves a round of applause! Ok this is it! Are you ready? It is going to hurt a little bit but don’t worry because I am going to be with you the whole time! Here we go! On the count of three rip it off! 1… 2… 3!”
      • After that the character will let them know to throw the Band-Aid out because they will stay in on their phone.


The tone of Boo Boo snap is bright and cheery. We want the user to be happy about their Band-Aid. We want them to know that the instance of them getting a Band-Aid is positive in the long run because it means they helped their body get stronger.


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